Everyone and Nobody

I would guess that if your organization is trying to survive by pleasing everyone then you are competing on price or a commodity based metric.  You are the buffet.  You try to meet everyone’s needs but once your patrons are satisfied the enterprise is forgettable.  I can think of a few buffets that were memorable in my dining experience but usually for the people watching.

The most remarkable restaurants are not afraid to be labeled as unique or remarkable.  Their cuisine may be a fusion of different cultures but they are known for being precise.  Their purpose helps set the menu, the decor, the ambiance.  I once dined at Lasserre in Paris.  An amazing restaurant that was themed after the experience of dining on a luxury cruise ship.  The ceiling would retract during the evening to reveal the night sky and stars as if one were at sea.  Small stools (at footstool height) were placed next to each woman’s seat so she could place her expensive handbag in view of other patrons.  If you needed to use the facilities you were escorted to an elevator, taken to the first floor and then placed in the care of restroom attendant.  There was no thought of pointing you in the general direction of the water closet.  Flower arrangements were stunning with orchids that overwhelmed the senses.  This was perhaps my most memorable evening in Paris and I have not even written about the food.  One had to seek out Lasserre and it was magnificent because it was unique.

Who are you serving?

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