Do You Need a New Question?

IMG_6444Do you need a path to follow in order to have maximum impact?  Are you trying to obtain top speed and the highest level of efficiency regardless of the direction?  What are you uniquely positioned to offer your community?  If you retraced your steps, would it add value or do you require a new route every time out?  What opportunity if it appeared would make you change course?  What assumption is holding you back?  How do you know?  If you could move the frame what part of your world would you place in the center?  What would you leave out?

We ask generative questions constantly but do we give ourselves permission to explore the answers?  To wrestle with the abstract?  Seth Godin encourages us to pick ourselves.  Chris Brogan reminds us that nobody is going to give us permission, permission was granted long ago for each of us.

What is the most important question you need to ask? 

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