For Your Remarkable Journey

Honored to present at the ClearRock Capital Conference on the topic of “Edgecraft” this week.  The gathering offers an opportunity to share resources that I find remarkable and I hope will be of service and create value to your journey to the edge.

Seth Godin’s ‘Edgecraft‘ blog post

John Kotter’s leading change theory

Scenic Hudson’s gala honoring its critical partnering organizations

Jia Jang World Domination talk on the power of rejection

Crash Course with John and Hank Green.  It is free and highly engaging.

Teton Valley Ranch Camp’s search for a new home

Charity Water’s Instagram account setting a high level of engagement

The $100 Startup innovator’s guide by Chris Guillebeau to invest in yourself

Khan Academy  flipping the classroom where content is learned at home and mastery takes place in the classroom

Duolingo’s creator Luis von Ahn online scale collaboration TEDx talk.  Learning a language adds value and provides a remarkable service

Holderness School’s residential life project creates a new definition of community and leadership

Generative Thinking sample questions.  What if we gave ourselves permission to embrace ambiguity and our identity?

Decisive (the book) Resource Page with Chip and Dan Heath.  Paving a new way for decision-makers.

The Present changing time and art

Howard Hallis, The Picture of Everything


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