Craftsmanship or Demolition

DemoIt is easy to take something down, especially with permission to break stuff during the process.  Demolishing the interior of a house for a remodel takes only a moment. The demo phase reveals the framework.  Rebuilding requires craftsmanship. Care must be taken to assemble the pieces in the best order with attention to detail.

It does not take much skill to demolish an event, a position, or an enterprise.  Break trust, loyalty, permission, and authenticity and most organizations will fail quickly.  Nurturing these characteristics is a form of craftsmanship.  We cannot fake authenticity.  Rather we state what we believe and act in a manner that is consistent with it our belief.  Trust is earned by action and recommendation.  Loyalty is passing up a better opportunity to continue our relationship.

Breaking is fine and sometimes recommended.  Be transparent about our plans to rebuild or change course, otherwise we have simply created the base for an expensive bonfire.

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