What Conversation is Required?

This is not about an NFL team with a controversial name.  Rather the attention surrounding the Washington, DC football team is the headwaters for a greater conversation.  Who determines what is respectful and appropriate?  There is not secret and august committee to hands down decrees.  We have to wrestle with words, context, intent, and community consensus.  Each one of us plays a pivotal role. Just renaming an NFL football team misses the big question.  I suspect there are hundreds of college, high school, semi-pro, and club teams that will need to engage their fans and communities in dialogue about the appropriateness of how they refer to themselves.  If renaming is deemed the best course of action, what to call ourselves now?  There will be no quick fix, unless we are seeking compliance.  This topic demands a dialogue.  Many people need to be heard and express their opinions.  Only through conversation and story-telling can we find our way.  Community values do not cascade from re-branding campaigns.  They generate from our beliefs.  We must believe in order to act with meaning and purpose.

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