Statues for Committees

Jamie Cooper from Drake Cooper in Boise, Idaho reminded me the other day that there are no statues erected for committees.  Instead an individual or perhaps two or three are chosen to represent a moment, achievement, breakthrough, or leadership.  A colleague pointed out that war monuments often have many individuals or even Mt. Rushmore selected four individuals.  Agreed that there are instances where a single individual is not the focus point.  The point of the statement is that somebody has to take ownership of an idea and do all that they can to keep it viable.  An Imagineer at Disney told me that no idea is ever completely abandoned until it is voted down by everyone in the room.  This is pretty powerful, since it would require the individual who conceived the idea to vote to abandon the concept.  Statues are built because someone was willing to keep an ember alive long enough to find the right patch of ground and kindling to build a small fire and then tend it as long as required before others came and light their torches from this sacred source.  Sometimes it spreads, other times the resources are exhausted and the flame extinguishes.  Dedication and perseverance are statue worthy moments.  Committees rarely embody the passion necessary to cultivate and idea with the same level of passion. 

One of my favorite books is The Man Who Planted Trees.  His believe and dedicated effort transformed a region.  He act alone and without any intention of recognition.  Only after his death did the totality of his efforts receive the accolades.

What remarkable idea exists due to your generosity?  What keeps you serving as its shepherd?

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