The Sharing Economy

IMG_7388Buying a slice of pizza is a readily accepted model of the sharing economy.  We are hungry enough for a slice but an entire pizza would overwhelm our capacity so a market has been established to offer portions.  The pizza maker gets to make an entire pie with the knowledge that customers will purchase pieces from the whole without demanding an original that has been segregated.  We repeat the shared model at grocery stores, co-ops, pet stores (one puppy is fine, the entire litter is too many), on Craigslist, and with childcare.  The challenge is to move the model into our own enterprises.  Not everyone needs a sound system, LCD projector, and projector screen.  These items are easily shared.  Add the the human element and sharing gets more colorful.  Sharing a development officer, volunteers, board members, and customers tests levels of trust and loyalty.  We need to remember that another organization’s success is our joy.  We benefit personally and organizationally when those around us reach their and surpass their goals.  Sharing offers a pathway to success and adds value to many more individuals than we could serve on our own. 

What are you sharing?  What do you need to consider sharing?  What have you been asked to share?

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