The Power of Sensemaking

At your next meeting ask one of the these questions:

  • On what list do we want to rank #1?
  • What are our 3 greatest assets? Name 2 hidden assets.
  • What is distinctive about our organization? Is that quality/service becoming more or less valuable in the world in which we work?
  • Which conversations are you trying to create?
  • Are our behaviors reflective of our values?
  • How will you know it has succeeded?  How will we measure success/progress along the way?
  • What intersections/boundaries do we need to cross in order to innovative?

Did asking these questions alter the conversation?   What remarkable ideas were surfaced?  Did you find alignment or diversion?  Was there a different energy to the dialogue?

The movie industry has a timeline for the next six years related to the production and release of movies generated from comic books.  The last few years have seen the release of numerous superhero related films.  Many of these characters and story-lines existed for decades.  Somebody asked the question, ‘how can we look at these characters and their stories differently?’  If they had not tried to make sense of the genre the characters would have been contained to comic books and a small but dedicated tribe.  Scale does not make the transformation compelling but what does is the recognition that there was a generative question to ask.

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