Limo Ride

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A few years ago Sal Kahn, founder of Khan Academy came to speak at the Ed Sessions in Boise, Idaho.  His message was profound and inspired the audience.  After his talk he appeared outside the theater to mingle with the audience.  In some random occurrence of events he invited my two children to take a drive around the block in the limo provided for him (Idaho’s version was a town car).  My kids emerged from their limo ride even greater fans of Sal and Khan Academy (video here).  

I share this story not to impress but to illustrate.  If everyone from the audience had taken a lap around the theater with Sal it would have been memorable for Sal’s endurance but the story would have lacked originality.  Remarkable experiences generate from the exclusivity of the moment.  When we send out a direct mail campaign to everyone in our community the act is below average.  Therefore, below average responses and advocacy should be expected in return.  If we demand Facebook likes then we manipulate people into acting on our behalf.

There is another way.  Identify a few individuals out of the crowd and offer your version of a limo ride.  Dedicated one-on-one time to connect, ask questions, and build an experience worthy of sharing.  Impact that lasts.  To act in this manner requires courage.  Far easier to offer a generic experience.

What if we offered a few people remarkable memories?  What if those opportunities were focused on the passenger?  What if we dare to share a compelling vision for the future?  What if we asked them for fuel for our journey (time, touch, talent, or treasurer)?  What if we challenge the status quo?  What if we fundamentally change lives, like Sal Khan?

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