Generative Thinking Meets the Storm

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 4.50.38 PM

It is easier to ask ‘what if’ questions when they are generative.  When we have time to consider the answers without the pressures of a burning platform.  Does your enterprise think generatively?  What if our cause was asked to share our story in the New York Times   What would we say?  Who would speak?  What would we showcase?  What if our signature event was cancelled due to elements beyond our control?  How would we communicate?  Would our response reinforce our beliefs or would our values be inconsistent with our actions?  How could the unexpected enhance our reputation?

Dedicating time to engage our decision-makers in low risk generative thinking  leads to higher results when major events take place in real time.  Fire Departments train responders to avoid making an emergency worse by acting inconsistent with the training.  Putting ourselves or the organization in peril serves little benefit to those who believe in your cause.

Our best thinking is perishable if we do not use it.  If the wind is not blowing, we can still practice tying knots, navigational skills, and hoisting sails so we are more competent when the storm reaches us.

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