Inside View

We create environments that feels interactive and meaningful by closing ourselves off from alternative points of view.  These constructed environments provide all types of feedback that feels valuable.  However, somebody will come along and inquiry to what end are we putting our limited resources.  If our answer is to point at the progressive jackpot that is growing rapidly we may find it difficult to enroll others.  Winning the treasurer based on the whim of an algorithms rarely provides lasting memories and typically a selfish act.

IMG_7367When our vision provides us with a landscape in which our skills and teamwork will determine our progress, the likelihood of assembling a corps of discovery grows greatly.  Playing for the jackpot is great as entertainment.  Trekking beyond the horizon line in exploration of an idea that will fundamentally change the future of our tribe is life altering.  Enjoy being entertained by prizes but do not confuse them for the work that matters.

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