Transactional Aquaintiances

I have been intentionally mindful about my interactions since the beginning of the year and intrigued to discover that I maintain more transactional acquaintances than friends.  Transactional acquaintance are individuals we hear from when our resources benefit their efforts without regard for the provider.  It may be opening a door, leveraging resources, loaning materials, or captivation of time.  At first I was discouraging to place people considered friends into the transactional category.  Then I realized that I allowed these relationships to perpetuate along the transactional narrative.  As an individual synopsized about my new understanding, we are a member of these false tribes until our value is replaceable.

So I continue on my quest with increased awareness.  Looking for those who are seeking to be inspired by thinking and acting differently.  Reminded that our best ideas sporadically spring from those with whom we posses weak ties.  I recall the Edge Effect that states where multiple ecosystems overlap we find the greatest diversity.  We must strive for the edge in order to experience the inspirational.

A great resources for mindfulness has been employing the Head Space app.  An easy to use, beautifully designed, and customizable meditation course.  The program is remarkable and the results of daily meditation equally profound.  I offer it as resource to those on a path that bends around corners which causes us to lose sight of all we know, even for a fleeting moment.

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