I Wish They Would Do That…

IMG_9673I overheard a conversation in which a business owner kept saying, “I wish they would do that for me.”  The irony is that the community had done ‘that’ for this particular business in overwhelming ways.  The owner had a tribe and an engaged following willing to spring into action.  Yet the decree was that not everyone was performing random actss of kindness to benefit this business. 

If we do not provide our tribe with a vision then they are going to ‘do that’ with other organizations that are embarking on remarkable adventures.  If our campaign is visionary, our tribe will lend their time, touch, talent, and treasurer.  If we hope for gifts to bestowed on us just because we exist our journey will rely on the good-will of an empathetic few.

‘I wish they would do that’ can be transformed to ‘we did that’ if we are bold enough to work towards the edges.  If we are willing to explore uneven ground.  If the journey was easy and profitable the for-profit sector would be ‘doing that’ and maximizing their return on investment.  Our explorations will not be for everyone but those who choose to join the corps of discovery will be forever changed.

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