Iteration, Innovation, Disruption

Brian Solis presented on the role of technology and disruption at the Ed Sessions.   His presentation provided a pathway to an audience seeking educational reform.  Brian’s core premise on change was that there are three types of change:

Iteration= Another chapter of what already exists

Innovation= A new method or approach

Disruption= Interruption of existing patterns

Brian used the TV remote control as an example of a piece of technology that desperately needs disruption but instead has only seen iteration.  TV designers have added more buttons, color, and maximized the buttons per inch on existing platforms.  Perhaps only the new Apple TV remote starts that process of disrupting a long line of poorly conceived iterations.

When considering our enterprise’s programs and services it could be valuable to frame our conversations through the lenses of iteration, innovation, and disruption.  As I board a flight this morning I believe that the airline industry is ready for major disruption.  Southwest and Jet Blue innovated a couple years ago but were not able to disrupt.  Uber disrupted getting to and from the airport and is now looking to iterate their platform.  Leading international airports are innovating.  The airports are passenger centric from arrival to security and onto boarding.  The airports themselves have become part of the destination and employ staff members committed to a remarkable experience for the travelers.

What level of change are you working on?  Which one is required to achieve your mission?  Brian challenged us to not miss our Kodak Moment, when we lose sight of what is relevant.  We must take a human approach to change and shift from sympathy to empathy in order to disrupt.  Innovation is deeply personal and the distance between our aspiration and vision is proportional to our ability to shift perspectives.

The journey to disruption may be lonely but fundamental to our ability to serve and add value.


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