Maximizing the Moment

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 10.41.09 AM

Sometimes the moment is not as we planned, but if we are committed we can create a memorable moment.  More than once I have found myself enduring a long airport layover.  The choice is to settle into a corner, connect to wifi, and hope time passes quickly.  Or, I can go explore.  Last week I spent over an hour running on the top level of parking garages as Houston International Airport (GPS running route screenshot above).  After a little adventuring I discovered three of the parking facilities were connected via a causeway and exterior stairs making for a bigger loop.  As I ran I  watched the arrival and departure of everything from small commuter jets to large Airbus A380s.  IMG_1200Because I opted to be a bit adventurous, I ran into a South American soccer team, rode an airport train that was comically slow and small, and gained access to an airport hotel lounge that had a phone which rang ceaselessly.    All these events are far more memorable than most airport clubs, except for when I sat next to Dr. Oz at LAX but that is a different layover story.

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