Our Stories


My story works because of the characters who inhabit its narrative.  An amazing wife, two remarkable children, transformative parents, friends to share wondrous adventures, inspirational mentors, and antagonist who challenge me to think differently.


There are chapters in which the days are sun-drenched, breeze at my back, and I appear to be the first person to encounter this corner of the world.


Then the route closes.  The way I travel everyday shuts down abruptly.   I must detour.  It feels daunting, uncertain, and does not come easy.


Or the conditions are not as advertised in the brochure.  My expectations derail.  Hope must somehow rise above despair.  Finding safety versus pressing-on narrates each step.


However, the opportunity this moment is to take flight.  To spring forth with ideas and beliefs and share them.  To make visible that which is unseen.


Thank you for being a character in my story.  You allow the story to work and together we narrate that which was invisible by contributing a verse.


One comment

  1. There is a song lyric I have loved for years, “just when you think, you have your life so well controlled, it slips away…” Dave Loggins. Thank you for sharing this story. Some days are just hard, and some lessons are learned only if we remember to move ahead, even if that is just one step at a time. Other days have that brilliant blue sky. May we both have many more of those.

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