How do we encourage people to join our cause?  Do we make it easy and convenient?  Are we relying on the post card inserts found in magazines?  When was the last time you filled out a subscription card (perhaps seventh grade and sent it to a friend’s address)?  When was the last time a prospective new member submitted a letter saying they were interested in joining?  When we opt in, we are giving permission to celebrate our action.  As an organization we have the opportunity to strike up the welcome band and amplify our values.


When I purchase a guide, conference ticket, or enroll in a course designed by Chris Guillebeau, I receive an email like this:

Thank you so much.  We are so excited that you are joining us at World Domination Summit.  Everyone in the office is giving high-fives and cheering right now.  We are rushing to the mailroom to send out your materials.  Our day could not be better and we hope yours is equally remarkable…

How we great people, new to us or  part of the the founding membership, matters.  When I board a legacy airline I expect a fake ‘hello’ and move on quickly.  We have entered into a transaction for service.  When I engage with a cause that shares my belief, I offer my talents.  How the insiders at the organization respond determines the depth and duration of the interaction.

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