What is the right dosage of our organization’s mission to achieve optimal impact?  How do we quantify meaningful connections to gain the full benefits of our programs?  Who are our super users, just right visitors, and not enough group?

My family has been visiting college campuses this year.  I have been fascinated by how each university prioritizes their introductory itinerary for prospective students.  All sessions start with an orientation that involves a digital presentation.  Afterward, student-led campus tours are the norm.  However, a number of colleges do not include a visit to a single academic building on their prescribed route.  Recreation centers, student unions, residential halls, dining options, historic buildings, athletic stadiums, and central outdoor spaces all make the must-see list.  Only two universities had us sit down at desks in a classroom to discuss academic life, student-teacher ratios, and curriculum tracks.  Each university makes an assumption about what is going to resonate with prospective students.  They calculate the right dosage of show-and-tell to capture the essence of their institution.

This past weekend, I took my son to a snowy football game at my alma mater.  Attending a football game might add the right dosage of the college experience to help him decide for or against the college (even when the student body was on Thanksgiving Break).  My students’ decision will be based on where they can see themselves thrive.  The university that provides the right dosage that resonates with their individual preferences. 


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