Worst flight ever?  It could be.  Let us get curious before we write a letter of disappointment to the airline’s customer care department.  It is a flight over France, in July, between two cities at the edge of the Alps.  The plane is used to relay live video feeds from sporting events.  The flight path indicates the event moved about 200 kilometers?  It appears to be following a route over secondary roads and moving forward at an average speed of 45 kph. 

Of course, you got the answer now, right?  The event’s nickname is La Grande Boucle.  It last three weeks and finishes in Paris…

The answer as you have discerned is the Tour de France.  The plane provides ariel support for the motorcycle camera operators and the helicopters that hover just above the peloton.  Without context, this flight path looks illogical.  Apply generative thinking and options start coming to mind.  Perhaps we should remember to ask, ‘what else could this be?’  Considering alternatives might be our greatest asset before acting.


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