Frameworks vs Timelines


Rule books tell people what to do. Frameworks guide people how to act. Rule books insist on discipline. Frameworks allow for creativity.     – Simon Sinek

In uncertain moments, flexibility and wayfinding supersede fully articulated plans.  Remaining committed to what we believe and aligned with our core values provides the opportunity to standout.  Is is convenient to rely on our balance sheets as the Rosetta Stone for decision-making.  When we manage the numbers instead of people, we miss the opportunity to do the work that matters and that will endure.

Even when the building envelope is prepared and the infrastructure is ready, it does not mean we get to build on our schedule.  We must take into consideration the environment that faces those who we will work with to construct the buildings and the those who will reside within.  A framework outlasts a timeline, especially when navigating gets more challenging.

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