Making Recommendations and Decisions

I can make recommendations, but you make decisions. I can mark a route, but you need to decide if it is worth following. I can share a resource, but you need to act on it to create value.

So the question becomes, is making recommendations worth the effort if there is no guarantee that it will serve a purpose? Why not wait for a request to come our way and then respond? It is more comfortable to sit at the top of the mountain, playing the role of a wise individual, and let those seeking inspiration journey to us. However, the individual who most needs our support may be stuck on the first step of the quest. Also, we might learn a lot more and have a more significant influence if we engage them at the start of the trip.

If you are seeking to hike the Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide Trail, or even the Pacific Crest Trail, numerous online forums recommend everything from gear to the best camping sites. Some veterans show-up at the starting point the week most northbound Pacific Crest hikers start and provide a one-on-one evaluation of their equipment and strategy. The value of this time together is significantly more valuable than if the veteran waits to swap trail stories at the Canadian border.

What are you recommending, and who is using your insights to decide? Where are you standing, at the start, a crucial intersection, a common point of doubt, or at the finish line?

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