To Squeeze?


I have been following an online forum about maximizing philanthropic opportunities.  The majority of the chat participants were advocating for the squeeze approach when it came to securing a contribution with a potential donor.  The group-think was to get as much as possible from a single interaction.

On a parallel tract I witnessed a number of individual take action to support a cause because there was a sudden need.  No call to action was made, the organization just shared a current challenge they were facing as part of their pledge to be transparent.  The enterprise had not even developed a strategy to address the headwind that was now challenging their ability to stay at speed.  Fans of the cause saw an opportunity to offer assistance at a critical juncture.

Both of these approaches yield results.  The first requires more leverage and manipulation which leaves the donor feeling squeezed.  The second is inspired by a shared belief.  It is powerful and repeatable.

The question, what type of relationship are you cultivating with your tribe?

Floss Them All

“Floss all the teeth you want to keep.”

A guide with Disney Adventures mentioned this piece of dental wisdom the other day.  I realized the concept probably reached further than just good dental practices.  I have witnessed leading social sector organizations take the same approach with board members, volunteers, donors, and customers.  They reach out and spend some time with each individual.  They make sure there is direct , authentic, meaningful contact with each person.

Would it change your organization if you took the same approach as the ‘flossing’ theory?  What has your enterprise done successfully already in cultivating individuals?  How can you capitalize on your current strengths?