Entry Point

How easy is it for those who want to access your cause to get where they want?  Can you enter and find your way?  If you have been to Disneyland walking down Main Street delivers you at Central Plaza from which you can access all the lands.  It allows everyone to have a shared entry experience but then you can customize by choosing the area that is most entertaining to you.  You are still in Disneyland but your experience can be unique.  Many causes try to route potential members, donors, volunteers, partners into separate entry experiences or they are dropped into Central Plaza and asked to customize but have no context from which to operate.  

Ask those who come to your cause how they arrived and get their feedback.  It is very likely that what appears like an appropriate entry (either physical or virtual) offers opportunities for enhancements and we all know the value of a first impression.


Sometimes it appears the best strategy it to develop a large footprint and lots of walls around your cause’s territory.  A large presence seems necessary in order to remain relevant in the sector.  Traveling is a great reminder that all you need is a doorway for entry.  Take for example a hotel in any major European city.  First floor space on most streets is expensive and rents for a premium.  Why put non-vital services on the ground-floor where they take-up extremely desirable space?  A well placed entrance to an enterprise with desirable services will attract the desired customers.

Are you competing to create the grandest entrance or developing the services that your customers desire once they arrive?