If Social Media Were a High School

It is About Trust

I will donate $10,000 to the Red Cross if I get 10,000 followers on my Twitter account in the next 48-hours.

If you want transactional followers and fans then bait them with offers of cash, giveaways, and prizes but do not be surprised when then abandon you when you can not longer entertain them.  Even Oprah had a hard time topping the car giveaway on her TV show.

If you desire real advocates, people who want to march with you through rainbows and snow, success and set-backs, then give the $10,000 to the Red Cross up front and do not make it conditional.  If you desire an honest relationship, you must demonstrate genuine intentions up-front and walk your talk.  Take a look at all the “if this then that” campaigns on social media right now.  You would stand out from the crowd by saying we gave already and here are the stories of three members from our community that have also given.  If you must, make the second part of your gift conditional on entering into true and genuine relationships with people.  Let your online community direct another $5,000 in giving but avoid making it transactional or conditional.  Give or don’t, but please stop holding charities hostage so you can have more followers on Twitter, it is dishonest and is not a relationship.

By they way, I just made a gift to the Red Cross and will continue to give.  I look forward to hearing your stories of what causes you support and why.

Swarm Intelligence

How can thousands of Wildebeest coordinate their migration and yet two humans can run into each other in an otherwise empty hallway?  One answer is that Wildebeest use ‘swarm intelligence‘.  The herd explores and overcomes obstacles as one.  This is not an everyone for themselves operation.  The herd succeeds based on collective trial and error.  With enough followers the herd is bound to succeed.  The key component is that there is a shared vision for the Wildebeest, they are moving from one grazing land to another.  All their movements are unified towards achieving the goal that will benefit the entire herd.

What could your cause do with swarm intelligence?