Charles Russell

Shattered Glass

I have been running on a trail littered with shards of glass.  They are the remains from a bottle broken in the area earlier this summer.  I have picked-up numerous pieces but broken parts continue to surface, as if they are capable of rejuvenating ceaselessly.  They embed in my shoes, bike tires, and dog’s paws.  An act months ago continues to impact trail users.

What do we do that leaves equally enduring marks?  Words of praise.  Highlighting the dedicated efforts of peers.  Celebrating successes.  Making positive personal recommendations.  Shaming others into compliance.  Withholding vital information.  Speaking poorly of others without given them a chance to address the situation.

We are uniquely positioned each day to define a moment with the generosity of painter Charles Russell’s use of light or break a bottle in the trail and watch its pieces obstruct the progress of others.

Charles Russell’s Letters

IMG_6091The 100 Best Illustrated Letters of Charles M. Russell is a fascinating book.  The letters provide unique insights into the American West in the late-1800’s.  What makes the letters remarkable to me are the illustrations Russel added to tell a richer and more colorful story.  The drawings themselves illuminate a deep, focused experience.  Russell’s work is a great reminder that when we tell our stories the use of images adds exponential value.