John Kotter


John Kotter outlines an eight-step hierarchy to create change and build a new culture.  If we isolate the first three steps, it is often the starting ground for a strategic initiative.  Developing a strategy if there is not a sense of urgency or critical people are missing from the team has less likelihood of maximizing its impact.  Just because we think an opportunity or challenge is urgent does not automatically make it so for others.  If we have a personal experience that illustrates the opportunity for change, we are much more likely to act.

How to think like a scientist but talk like a truck driver

Net Neutrality can be complicated.  I was struggling to fully understand the ramifications of the currently proposed FCC legislation.  I spent a couple minutes watching ViHart’s video and was persuaded to act.  When complex ideas are presented in a meaningful way that are easy to use we empower those that are inspired to act.  According to John Kotter if we wish to affect change, we need to create a sense of urgency, build a coalition, and present a compelling vision.  If all of this can be embedded into a narrative that intersects with our own world view, we are liberated from a sense of fear and the unknown.