Crossing Obstacles

If those who go before reduce the number of barriers, those who follow are likely to continue on the route. From clearing a path to leaving key insights or providing context, the journey can be enhanced by those who show care and concern. That said, we might be selective about which obstacles we remove, as some are necessary for the path to be remarkable.

Results Amplified by the Route

If the result had been two successful basketball shots, that is commonplace. When the result is two successful basketball shots spaced between numerous obstacles, ingenious design, mechanical systems, and a high probability of failure, we stay engaged and hope for a favorable outcome. The route we travel matters. The obstacles we overcome creates a more valuable result.


We do not always have to open a door, sometimes we just need to find a keyhole and allow ourselves passage into the next room.  Some obstacles are far more daunting if we have to overcome them entirely.  Crossing a mountain stream does not always require building an entire bridge or rerouting the stream.  A couple well placed stones or a fallen tree allows us to move on with our journey, unyielding to an impediment that was not our primary purpose to solve.  Make our pathway visible and others will follow.