Showing the Mistakes

What barriers keep us from sharing our mistakes and helping others be better at their work? It is remarkable that a pilot posts multiple close calls to emphasize the benefits of learning from each other. Youtube has many how-to videos, and some of the most memorable are the failures and not just the perfect process.

What mistakes and failures would you be willing to share? What scenario has set the conditions for you to share your successes and failures?

Information from You

IMG_5910Where do you go to get your information?  Does the source matter?  If I am asking for directions are there a number of uniquely qualified sources?  If I am asking for your personal opinion is there anyone you would allow to serve as your proxy?  Some information is abundant and already cataloged.  Personalized recommendations and opinions come from an individual source (or somebody very close and whom we can trust).  We do not need to recreate Wikipedia or Google within our limited infrastructure.  What we do need is to curate and care deeply about our perspective, the meaning we have drawn out of the world.  People will seek out your insights because they are limited editions and offered only by you.  Your genuine ideas matters, even if they are confirmation of that which is already known.  Be prepared to share.  Google will always lag behind real-time interactions.