Success Formula

How do you Measure Success?












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How do you measure success?  Do you employ any of the following?

  • Numerical 
  • Evaluation
  • 360-degree review
  • Opinions of experts
  • Crowd sourced
  • Anecdotal
  • Specific metric
  • Correlation to market average
  • Progress against strategic plan
  • Leader board
  • Happiness
  • Ability to achieve organizational values
  • Arriving at the selected destination

A Harvard Business Review article by Michael J. Mauboussin outlined specific business success theories.  Inc. Magazine published an article titled “7 Ways to Measure True Success.”  And, Influencive provided a synopsis of “11 Ways to Think About Measuring a Company’s Success.”  Among the options, there appears to be no one universal measurement.  So why not customize your own?  Build a success equation.  If we are going to create and nurture our organizations’ purpose, vision, mission, and values then perhaps we should invest in creating our own success formula.