Moving On

IMG_6952Base camps are a way great to support expeditions.  If we wish to ascend an alpine peak we rarely need to haul all the equipment and supplies to the summit.  Therefore, a well provisioned base camp is an ideal mechanism to serve a mountaineering team.  At some point, the village in miniature is disassembled and moved to a new location for another adventure.  However, base camps can become permanent when the team leaders do not trust that the rest of the expedition members will readily move on to another quest.  A small group starts making longer journeys to climb peaks in other ranges and returns with magnificent stories to entertain the assembled crowd who remain at the original base camp.  The base camp no longer serves the needs of those climbing and becomes a venue for entertaining the non-climbers.

The question for the team leader is to decide what is the purpose of base camp?  Is it to support the expedition?  Then it requires frequent relocation.  If the purpose is to entertain those looking for good stories but who have no interest in climbing then the base camp stays but future expeditions suffer.

Many enterprises get into the debate between moving on to the next adventure at the risk losing members from their expedition.  Changing locations serves as a quick mechanism to sort out those who are interested in climbing and building from those who are only seeking entertainment.

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