AMA (Ask Me Anything)

If you have stumbled across the front page of Reddit you are likely to see an AMA (Ask Me Anything) as one of the highest rated posts.  Usually an AMA is put forward by a celebrity or someone with name recognition.  Occasionally the individual has a unique skill or experience.  An AMA is often a shout into the wind and sometimes the conversation catches fire.

What if we allowed our respective tribes to ask us anything?  It is a simple proposition, we offer our time and authentic answers in exchange for questions from those who want to know more about us.  Frequently we script our message.  We send out talking points in advance of big events.  Email blasts backed with social media campaigns.  What if we went off-script?  What would be the value of a conversation driven by our fans?  Would we be willing to take requests from the audience for one-night?  At the end of the Q&A, how might our relationship with those that matter be transformed?

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