Big Bet versus Little Bets

Super Bowl betting is in progress. There are numerous strategies and options. One big question, do you make one big bet, on say the outcome of the game? Or, do you make a bunch of smaller prop bets on first team to score, first turnover, length of the national anthem? Big bet keeps us engaged because of the risk. The small bets keep us focused on the details throughout the game.

The same is true with setting strategies. Make one big bet to fundamentally change education or eradicate a disease. We can go all in with our resources and attention. Or, make a series of smaller investments in pilot programs and beta-testing. They may end-up with similar results but how they are viewed might depend on our organization’s culture. If we value adventure and risk taking, the big bet might fill a need. If we value personal interactions, the micro-bets might allow us to travel alongside with those that we are serving.

Big bets get headlines at the start. Little bets take time to build a track record but might build a movement. No right or wrong, just our best sense on which type of bet is required to perform the work that matters.

On the Fireplace Mantle

There is a limit to how many personal objects we can place in the spotlight. The question becomes, which ones are special enough to get the coveted position and which are relegated to the periphery? If we want to know who comprises our inner circle, think about our center stage location. Who occupies this space with us in our real and/or virtual world? That is our inner circle.

Riding for the Brand

Which brand do you ride for? Is it clearly printed on your materials or hidden in a secret location?

What does the brand stand for? Is it consistent with our organization’s values? Does it bring forth emotion and a nod of understanding?

Do people line-up to join the cause or does it divide? What is the brand’s intention? What is the story everyone tells?

Different Purpose

Viewed from the base, a ski area has a specific layout. Observed from above, and the terrain appears different. Ski areas are designed for skiers, however they can provide interest even for those who are not skiing.

Perhaps it is worth remembering that not everyone who benefits from our organization comes through the front door. Many a cathedral has been celebrated from the outside without engaging in the religious ecosystem that flourishes inside.

AMA (Ask Me Anything)

If you have stumbled across the front page of Reddit you are likely to see an AMA (Ask Me Anything) as one of the highest rated posts.  Usually an AMA is put forward by a celebrity or someone with name recognition.  Occasionally the individual has a unique skill or experience.  An AMA is often a shout into the wind and sometimes the conversation catches fire.

What if we allowed our respective tribes to ask us anything?  It is a simple proposition, we offer our time and authentic answers in exchange for questions from those who want to know more about us.  Frequently we script our message.  We send out talking points in advance of big events.  Email blasts backed with social media campaigns.  What if we went off-script?  What would be the value of a conversation driven by our fans?  Would we be willing to take requests from the audience for one-night?  At the end of the Q&A, how might our relationship with those that matter be transformed?