Being Heard

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 6.43.44 PMIn my opinion, experiences that are better in-person include: interviews and hiring, selecting strategy, confirming purpose, finalizing agreements, welcoming new members, reunions, first time adventures, significant milestones, and hearing first person narratives.  Experiences I defer to a virtual realm include: policy and procedures, non life altering results, recommendations, directions, registration, compliance, processing, and being managed.

‘Is the honor in being asked or is the honor attending the meeting?’  This is a mantra I use as a guide to determine the importance of a face-to-face interactions.  We get a rush when invited to the next meeting.  We feel important and want to be heard.  How could the organization survive without our unique and wise input?  However, a balance exists between being in attendance versus perfecting our remarkable craftsmanship.  Sometimes not interrupting the tribe’s work is the wisest decision we can make.

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