Authentic Games

John Oliver takes on the NCAA during the most recent installment of his show, Last Week Tonight. The episode is remarkable because it shines a light on the dark corners of the collegiate athletic system.  He makes visible the disparity between the stated belief of the NCAA and its actions.  The NCAA states it purposes as, a membership-driven organization dedicated to safeguarding the well-being of student-athletes and equipping them with the skills to succeed on the playing field, in the classroom and throughout life.  When the dislocation between vision and activity becomes significant it allows for the type of satire where John Oliver excels.  The fake gaming video advertisement needs no explanation.  

Who is going to start the NACC (National Athletic Co-op Conference) where athletes and universities share in the revenue?  Or, when do collegiate athletics move to an enterprise outside of the university structure?  What if the professional leagues (NFL. NBA, NHL) took over the collegiate sports and created development leagues?  Many options and they each result in a structure that is more aligned with the NCAAA’s stated purpose.

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