Elite Status

A room on the highest floor with a views may be provided for individuals with higher status in a hotel loyalty program.  That perk is less treasured when the elevators stop operating or a tropical storm forces evacuations to lower floors.  First and Business Class seats are usually clustered in the first rows of an airplane.  These seats becomes less desirable when the air conditioning unit in the front of the plane fails and the temperature soars.  Upgraded luxury cars are offered as perks to loyal rent-a-car customers.  This upgrade becomes less remarkable when one has to refill the gas tank or a customer is assessed a congestion charge in a major city, a fee that is waived for smaller hybrid vehicles.

Elite status brings benefits.  Not everyone is seeking the same perks.  The assumption that a business makes about what constitutes value can be misaligned with the customer’s desires.  Being flexible with rewards offers more value than having a one size fits all rewards chart.

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