Signature Moments

Sometimes the iconic thing you do needs to be hidden from view in order for others to appreciate its value.  Boise State University’s Football Team is know for playing on blue turf.  There is now an NCAA rule that restricts any other football programs from installing turf that is not green in color.  The BSU stadium’s field is covered with grass this week in order to facilitate a FIFA friendly soccer match.  The blue turf is visible year round except for this special occasion.  Covering the blue turf has generated numerous interest, discussion, and robust debate.  The iconic blue turf will be back next week and appreciation for its existence will grow.  The grass has a future home in a local park so those with an affinity for the soccer pitch can visit it there.

What if you hid your signature thing for a few days.  Would people notice?  Would they remark on its absence?  Who would comment?  What might you learn about its perceived value?

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