Yellowstone Stories

mm-intro_canyonIf you were one of the first through the area now named Yellowstone National Park, it must have been remarkable and fearful.  Unknown geological events and formations appeared.  Geysers spouted hot fluid from the ground.  Hissing, bubbling, screeching sounds erupted from unknown sources.  Water falls bigger than anticipated broke forth from a forest plateau.  The Native Americans and mountain men had to make sense of the region.  The assigned names, made-up stories, and sacrificed their safety interacting with these natural wonders.  We recount their stories today as part of our travels through Yellowstone.

wildlife-brigadeToday, one can travel through the park without getting out of their vehicle and still see amazing sights, no sacrifice required.

Which raises the key question.  Do you believe in the journey you have embarked upon?  If your adventure still has blank spots on the map that you are trying to fill in, then you craft the stories that go along with the exploration. 


If you are just along for the ride, then sit back and enjoy the tour.  But you trade the right to create stories for privilege of being entertained by those who have gone before.  


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