Ideas that are stuck

IMG_5837I was running in Rome along the Fiume Tevere (the river dividing the city) and spied a rapid in the river’s channel.  Looking closer the wave was recirculating logs, enough plastic balls to start an amusement park, and a few assorted urban items.  The trapped pieces would be driven down underwater by the force of the rapid and then pop back-up downstream only to be drawn upstream by the hydrological force.  The cycle repeated relentlessly.

How many ideas containing little value within our enterprises circulate too often?  Discussions that find their way onto each agenda or become repeated off-topic discussion at meetings?  As long as the forces remains constant the recirculation continues.  Only if the river reaches flood stage, reduces it flow, or the channel is altered will the hydrological forces change.  Mixing up the pace and location of our deliberations leads to  new ideas.  Otherwise a static tempo ensures a continuation of the same.

Finite Thoughts

Listening to NHPR this past weekend and caught the conclusion of an interview about thinking and the brain. The author of the book (could not catch their name) promoted the idea of ‘cognitive cash’. The idea that we have a finite number of thoughts available to us during out lifetime. A number has been calculated on how many thoughts the average person has during their lifetime. How are you using your thoughts? How often do you spend it for a positive return on investment? Do you allow your thoughts to run free like a water running from an unattended garden hose? Does it matter?

When you add the idea of scarcity to an commodity suddenly the value increases. I have tried to think about this daily. How am I using my cognitive cash? Where and how am I willing to spend it?