Finite vs Infinite

The Long Game

As Writers on the Range reported, four dams on the Klamath River in Oregon and California are scheduled to be removed starting this summer. The process to reach this action has taken 50 years, and the effort has been passed to new generations of activists and stakeholders. Throughout the journey, a sense of belief remained. If the work is worth doing, it is worth enduring the timeline to reach the intended impact.

What Game Do You Play?


Are you playing a finite game or an infinite game?  Are you working towards an arbitrary ranking or seeking joy from advancement?  If we play the finite game, we work to beat others, however if we play the infinite game, we focus on doing better work.  If we choose to be in the game, we also choose which game we play.  Very different cultures emerge depending on our focus.  The game we play defines our relationships,  work, world view, and politics.

Simon Sinek illustrates the power of the game in a remarkable talk.  His message, we have a choice and that choice defines us and our work.

(Thank you Patricia for encouraging me to watch Simon’s talk)