Misplacing Ski Lifts

The earliest chairlifts were placed in the most concave part of a ski run. It made sense that the lift should take the most accessible and unobstructed line up the mountain. Once at the top, the chairlift rider became a skier and influenced by gravity and other natural forces headed towards these low points. It was thought that skiers would seek out the ridgeline and convex portions of a slope. The lifts and skier were quickly occupying the same valuable space on primitive ski runs. Quickly, it was determined that ski lifts should be constructed on the less desirable skiing terrain. 

If we understand the tendencies of the end-user, we might design a solution for their challenges. If we accommodate the design over the user, then we are likely to create more disruptions.



There is a solution for many problems.  Asking for help reveals readily available resources.  Spend time on distractions or focus expertise on the work that matters.  Your enterprise exists to address challenges that are not easy to decode.  Heroic journeys are a quest with uncertain outcomes.  The reward is transformation.  These are the adventures worthy of extraordinary people.