What Are You Know For?

People come for interactions that they consider remarkable.  They want to hear/see/interact with your greatest hits along with the new project that you are working on.  Sometimes it feels routine to use your super power to fuel your journey.  But we can only make sense of something new when we start from a place we understand.  When in Swiss Alps, one expects to here mountain folk music before a new piece is introduced.  It provides a point of connection.  This is why instructors inquire about our prior experiences before starting their instruction.  They wish to create a foundation from where we are, not from some abstract platform that we cannot access.  What you are known for may be the very best place to start a new relationship.

Searchlights and Fireworks


Anyone can hire a pair of searchlights to illuminate the night sky and draw the curious.  Same with fireworks.   Swirling and screaming beams of light and loud unexpected explosions call attention to your location.  The real questions is what do you have to offer once everyone assembles.  Too often we look for followers without thinking about what we can give.  Be remarkable for your service and the value you add to other people’s journey.  The followers will come if the work you do matters.  Otherwise, make it known that you are in the entertainment business.