The Bigger Conversation

SWOT analysis is a fundamental activity during many retreats.  They are visually pleasing and quick to focus conversations.  It is easy to understand why they endured.  Today I read a new process for facilitating a SWOT.  The mindset is compelling.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 9.26.20 AM

Performed in isolation, the SWOT offers a myopic view of the world.  It is our self-evaluation.  We may believe we are memorable conference presenters because of our witty narratives but do we really know?  Unless people walk out of the room during our presentation, or there is a sudden rush of new audience members, it is hard to assess how we are trending. 

SWOT is an instrument.  An opportunity to facilitate conversations.  The greatest gift is getting to the human element.  What are the behaviors and interactions we are fostering?  We may have the most beautiful facilities, the best thank you gifts and a polished social media presence, but if our values are misaligned with our actions, then it is hard for anyone to build trust or take action on our behalf. 

If we use the SWOT to discuss the relationships we are building with those who need what we have to offer, there is an opportunity for a robust conversation.  If we use the SWOT to establish an arbitrary ranking, it may miss the highest return on investment, a discussion about how we can be of service.

Right Moment

IMG_0624An inexpensive telescope sits in the corner of a room in our house.  It rarely gets noticed.  Last night during the Super Moon Lunar Eclipse the telescope was the best instrument we had to witness a celestial event of magnitude.  The telescope rewarded us with real-time remarkable views as the events unfolded in the skies above.  The value of the telescope increased multiple fold because of its deployment at a significant moment.

Sometimes the most remarkable thing we can do is be available at critical moments.  To offer service and create value when there is a need.  Our engagement is forever linked with service during moments when our super powers shine.