Chris Guillebeau

Where there is smoke…

What advice would you give your younger self? If you could go back in time, say half of your current lifespan, what wisdom would you share with your less traveled self?

Chris Guillebeau shared a mind-shifting answer this weekend at World Domination Summit. He stated that he would ask his younger self how to nurture the key characteristics and mindsets that aging might erode. He flipped the script. He did not see the question as linear but rather generative. He reversed the flow and asked for guidance instead of funneling suspect wisdom to youth.

What questions and opportunities in your ecosystem are prime for a mind shift? How might we tell less and ask more for guidance? 

I am more connected to the causes who asked for my insights over the ones who told me their results and impact at the first point of contact. My ideas are treasured investments in these enterprises, and I intend to monitor their germination.

Ask a question before we tell; perhaps it becomes the fire that never natures into smoke.

I Recommend

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I am a big fan of Chris Guillebeau.  I encountered him virtually while he was in the middle of a quest to travel to every country in the world.  His stories were honest, energetic, adventurous, and generous.  Even when barriers appeared that put his itinerary in jeopardy, he assumed a curious mindset to provide perspective and allowed him to work on a solutions.   Chris encouraged his readers to strike out on their own ‘trip around the world,’ even when it manifested into traveling to a close-by city that one had not yet visited.

A few years later, Chris started an unconventional conference titled the World Domination Summit.  The name alone captured the audacity of thinking differently mixed with the underlying mission to be of service to others.  After missing the sign-up for the inaugural event, I attended every year.  This June was scheduled to be the tenth and final iteration, however 2021 is the recently rescheduled crescendo of the WDS experience.  Again, Chris is the ultimate host and conference visionary.  He borrowed key ingredients from other successful conferences, added a splash of Portland, Oregon and a lot of generosity to build the most remarkable events.  The attendees and speakers are extraordinary, engaged, and willing to share their unique skills with the broader community.

Each time Chris offers something new to the community, I am excited to engage.  He writes with a voice that resonates and what he offers is accessible and feels customized for me.  His latest book, The Money Tree released this week, and I encourage others who think or act unconventionally to explore these ideas and stories with Chris.