World Domination Summit

2019 WDS Highlights


World Domination Summit 2019 in Portland, Oregon delivered remarkable insights.  Speaker highlights included:

“Time is elastic and will stretch to accommodate what we need and want.  When we say we do not have the time, we are acknowledging that the opportunity is not a priority.” Laura Vanderkam

“Prove people right”Humble the Poet

“Ignore individual suggestions in feedback.  Focus instead on the consistency of the comments.  Look for the signals.”Scott Young

“Change your financial plan when your life changes, not when the market moves.”  Jill Schlesinger

Teaching is a selfish profession.  If you do it right, you learn more about yourself than you teach other people”James Victore

“Suspend disbelief and leap into the unknown.”Tania Katan

“Sometimes you need to sword fight the beast into the other room in order to make space for your work.”Marsha Shandur


To my friends who attended the Strategic Wayfinding Meetup on Saturday.  Here is a link to the meetup handout page and more information about Generative Thinking and Governance As Leadership.  Thank you for attending and sharing your insights!

World Domination Summit 2014

IMG_6760Chris Guillebeau’s World Domination Summit is a highlight each year.  The speakers are remarkable, the attendees engaged in inspirational projects, and the summit’s community commitment to service dynamic.  Highlights included:

  • AJ Jacobs encouraged us to act differently and allow our mind to catch-up, not allow our dreams to be deferred.
  • Jada Sellner emphasized the importance of imperfect action over waiting for the perfect moment.
  • Shannon Galpin asked us if we were using our own voice or borrowing someone elses.
  • Michael Hyatt challenged us with three questions 1. How do I want to be remembered? 2. What is important to me? 3. What single brave decision do I need to make today?
  • Gary Hirsch asked the audience what is one brave thing we want to do but have not?  Bots were distributed to serve as on-going inspiration.
  • Dee Williams challenged us to show-up wearing our cape and announce our super power.
  • Elise Blaha Cripte encouraged us to say our goals out loud and stop looking for a treasure map.
  • Scott Berkun suggested we have to be vulnerable in order to make stuff.  Choose to honor the idea.
  • Jan Jantsch presented the importance of creating loyal customers by choosing the right customers and asking how we can be of service to each other.

The impact of these profound insights have been of great value.  I hope they might add value to your remarkable journey.