Innovate vs Improve

Graeme Obree changed cycling with multiple innovations

Are your innovations changing the sector you serve? Have accreditation agencies reviewed your work and considered new rules to counter your progress? Are people who share your vision and passion seeking you out for insights? Is there awe and fear for those invested in the status quo?

If we are innovating, we might need to work beyond the existing structure and guidelines accepted by our sector. If we are improving, we might be working within the current guidelines but building a more efficient and impactful version.

How far might your organization be willing to reach to improve or innovate? What is too far and why?

Aspiration to Transformation

Larry Page stated he would rather donate his estate to Elon Musk than a charity, triggering a compelling conversation.  Just ‘doing good’ is not sufficient to be a beneficiary of other people’s treasure.  Our work in the social sector is being measured against the progress of innovators and impact of entrepreneurs.  We can claim to inspire but do our aspirations result in transformation?

If you we are asked to present our work in a show-case showdown against other enterprises in our community and region would we be able to articulate our niche.  Would the investors on Shark Tank fund our project?  

I do not suggest that we turn to business metric in mass.  Permission to pause and preserve the landscape that serves as our backdrop is critical, even when its existence is hard to quantify.  We select arduous journeys and attempt to scale peaks that are compelling because it alters something inside of us.  As extreme athlete and runner Kilian Jornet said, ‘A summit is a memory.  It is an emotion stored within us.’  The summits I have occupied in my life continue to echo.  The more challenging the climb, the closer the memory (even if I laid on my stomach to look over the precipice).