Keep Hope Alive


The most underrated but essential task of a leader in a moment of disruption might be to maintain optimism and create a vision for the future. As a former Firefighter/EMT, it was so easy to get caught up in the incident. Flames draw focus. Damaged vehicles venting coolants after an off-set head-on collision brings a swarm of activity. On the scene, everything is trained on the incident. A leader is thinking about managing the crisis and also the care and well-being of the rest of the community. Therefore, the department does not dispatch all the rigs to the call. A few firefighters are left on standby at the station, prepared to respond to the next call, ready with the gear, and focus on being present to another set of needs.

In our work today, it has to be more than just a response to the Coronavirus pandemic. There is also an anxiety pandemic, economic recession, shelter and food crisis, unemployment, and many other casualties. What we are seeking is individuals who can assist with the immediate needs while providing hope that the future (even if it is different) will be worth the journey we are navigating.



Resources for BSU Leadership Class

Problem solving + Problem Finding = Well Designed Life


Characteristics of Servant Leadership

  1. See the future.
  2. Engage and develop others.
  3. Reinvent continuously.
  4. Value results and relationships.
  5. Embody the values.
  6. Hunger for wisdom.
  7. Expect the best.
  8. Accept responsibility.
  9. Respond with courage.
  10. Think of others first.

Deciding on the work that matters

  1. What do you want to do?
  2. Who do you want to change?
  3. How much risk do you want to take?
  4. How much work is required?
  5. Does the work matter?
  6. Is it even possible?

Goal Setting

  1. Choose a goal that matters, not just an easy win.
  2. Focus on the process, not the outcome.
  3. Frame your goals positively.
  4. Prepare for failure (in a good way).

Resources and visuals for Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle

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