A Vision From Here

There is value in starting from where you are instead of trying to return for a clean piece of paper.  Take Ruth Oosterman who uses her 2-year old’s sketches as the foundation for her finished work.  Their collaboration is intriguing and arguably richer due to the individual visions finding a point of confluence.  How can you create a more powerful vision starting from where you are today?



Vision statements have multiplied in front of me this week.  Authentic vision statements are challenging to craft.  We want to tell people exactly where we are going and dispense with aspirations since details feel actionable.  A vision should tell us which remarkable journey is worthy of loading on supplies and raising the sails.  A vision is does not need a confirmed itinerary and we can point with a finger to a general direction on the map for which we intend to set course.  A vision gives us an emotional assessment if boarding your ship to join the adventure is significantly compelling.  We can sort out the details later.