Pre-Waxing Skis

If we have more than one pair of race skis, we might wax days in advance for a ski race by preparing for a variety of weather and snow conditions. If we posses only one pair of skis, it is safest to wait until closer to the race before finalizing our wax choice. More is not better if we have the relevant information to make an informed choice. Where we make errors in preparation is thinking we have all possible outcomes covered.

How might we avoid the false sense of certainty we gain by having an abundance of resources? How might we understand that we operate in a thin band of conditions before we have to adapt and attempt new approaches and techniques? How might we remember that if we look up at earth’s atmosphere, it looks abundant and expansive. However, look at it from a cross-section and is appears razor thin? How might we embrace the miracle that is choice and opportunity?

What Matters

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 12.27.29 PM

Seth Godin is the master of keeping it simple. I borrow his expression ‘doing the work that matters’ frequently. Seth’s blog post simplifies the difference between choices and decisions and our confusing of the two. We encounter choices in our real-time wayfinding process. What if we streamlined our efforts by making quick choices, so we open bandwidth to focus on the decisions that matter. Make a game of choosing by spinning a wheel, asking the opinion of the next person we encounter, selecting the adventurous route, or going left. Decisions impact the work that matters and requires time and information. Which TSA security lane to stand in at the airport is a choice. Which person to join you for a month-long expedition is a decision. Make time for the decisions that matter, few remember how quickly you navigated TSA, but many benefit from your decision to commit to the mission.

A template for a spinning wheel if you are game to choose differently.