Incomplete Data

We might be right about our assumptions with limited data. However, if the data set expands we may discover a different answer. How might we conclude when we have sufficient information to make our best decisions? What would an outsider conclude using the same data? Our goal is not to be certain but rather to remain curious. A better understanding of our world means we can better do the work that matters.

More Data


A  flower does not

think of competing

to the other

flower next to it.

It just blooms.

Seth Godin’s post answering the question “how was your bike ride?” amplified a recent meeting experience.  All the data presented to the attendees was bench-marked against organizations deemed to be competitors.  The group was being asked if the organization we represented looked enough like its peers to be considered competitive but also maintained sufficient signature characteristics to exemplify autonomy.  I fear too often data drives strategy.  We try to disguise ourselves as a rose when we are a tulip if we feel that roses are trending.  Some data is essential.  The vitals of the organization must be monitored appropriately but it serves little value to be taking the pulse of a nearby neighbor who has a different history and traits.  We need to accentuate our strengths instead of burying them for compliance with the norms.  Be brave.  Amplify remarkable.  Act to embrace your best form.