Are Accountability and Collaboration the Essential Components of Teamwork?

Might we represent teamwork in a four panel graphic? How fundamental are accountability and collaboration to measuring the effectiveness of a team?

What if we first define the team’s core values? A set of behaviors we will not sacrifice except under extreme duress (the building is on fire). What if we commit to hold those values as the highest priority for the team, above any metric or external evaluation? Does record growth on the balance sheet outweighs complete discord among a team? Can we be a team if a single individual does the majority of the work and takes credit for each victory?

Measuring a team’s unity and alignment is challenging, it requires us to take a human-centered approach. In the spirit of Simon Sinek, if we measure the numbers, we are managing. If we care for the people, we are leading.

Do you have a definition of team? What mindset do you use to measure a team’s success and engagement?

Where Are You Going (Not Where Have You Been)?

Lovely Lake Louise (HDR)I want to know where you are going and how I can join your next adventure.  Stories of past quests are entertaining and insightful but limited.  To connect we must share the trail.  The team that stand on the summit possesses a unique connection, different than the one with those who wished us well but did not climb.  Providing fuel for the journey helps but carrying the expedition’s supplies is an even greater reward.  Present a remarkable vision for the future and I look forward to being part of the team.